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Am I the only one that likes Microsoft Edge?


I just read that Microsoft is going to discontinue Edge browser and replace it with a chromium browser. I personally do not like this. I may be the only one, but I really like Edge.


Yes, it’d appear that Microsoft is planning to replace Microsoft Edge, at least the rendering engine, for Windows 10.

What’s known right now is that Microsoft is building a web browser that uses Google’s Chromium rendering engine instead of the EdgeHTML engine. If you ever tried Edge on Android, it’s the same thing here.

Microsoft has yet to make the announcement official, until then, we don’t have a lot of information.


FYI: The Microsoft Edge you know and name aren’t going away, just the rendering engine will be replaced. This means consistent web rendering, better compatibility, and better adoption of web standards. Microsoft hasn’t share all the details, but most of the feature will stay. The company said that users will not notice the difference in the new version, just the changed I mentioned above.