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Ask Cortana option missing on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 build 16273

I use to be able to highlight text on a website and right click, and I would get an option to “Ask Cortana.” I do not have that option anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

As far as I can tell, its only available in Microsoft Edge (although there might be plugins for the other browsers I’m not aware of)

I use Microsft Edge but it is not showing up on mine.

What version of Windows 10 are you running? I’ve reading complaints from some users have been having this issue on Insider builds.

I am running the latest insider build.

OK now that we’re in the same about the version, I can tell you that indeed there are a few users reporting the same problem with Windows 10 build 16273.

I’m not having that issue, but the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now includes a feature to reset Microsoft Edge, which might help you with your problem. (This tool isn’t available in the current version of the OS.)

Just as a warning, remember that you’re using an pre-release version of Windows 10 where things may not work as expected, use this feature carefully.

Thanks. The input is very helpful.

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