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Bluetooth problem after installing April 2019 updates


Downloaded and installed all 8 updates for April 2019’.(1803) Now my Bluetooth device will not play…never had that problem until after the updates! I’ve done everything including updating ALL the drivers and made progress in a couple of bluetooth related problems but still NO SOUND from my speakers. PC speakers work but not my speakers on my LG CJ-45 sound system! Any ideas?



If you meant the April 2018 Update, on Settings > System > Sound make sure to select the correct output device.

If it doesn’t work, in the Sound page, click the Troubleshoot button to fix the problem automatically.

If it doesn’t work, on Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices turn off and turn on Bluetooth and make sure your device is connected. If it’s still doesn’t work, disconnect the device and pair it again with Windows 10.

If you can’t fix the problem, on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, click the View update history option, then click Uninstall updates and remove the problematic update to fix the problem from Control Panel.