Can I use the same Windows 10 license onto two different PCs?


Hi sir, can i ask something about windows 10 pro license?

I already active my windows 10 pro license in my old laptop as digital activation and already linked to my microsoft account, my question is if i want to buy a new laptop that already have windows 10 home with OEM license inside it, when i want to try to change to windows 10 pro again. Will my license that already active in my laptop can be use for new laptop?

Or that license only will work with my laptop?

Thank you …


No, you cannot use the same Windows 10 product key on two different machines.

You can transfer the retail license of Windows 10 Pro to another device, but in order for this to work (under Microsoft rules) you must go back to Windows 10 Home with the OEM license first, or you need to decommission the other device. Only then, you can use the product to upgrade other PC.

If you’re transferring the product key correctly, but it won’t activate. You can always call Microsoft support. After explaining the situation, they should be able to activate your Windows 10 Pro license without problems.

FYI: Windows 10 OEM licenses are not transferables.


Thank you for your answer sir, hmm that’s hard procedure to transfer it.

Maybe I’ll use Windows 10 home OEM license that my new laptop have it, my current Windows 10 pro license isn’t OEM but I was purchase it on Microsoft store.