Does Windows 10 version 1809 solve the VPN connection problem?


Hi, Windows 10 1803 64bit version introduced a problem in the VPN integrated server Windows 10 has.

There was no way to connect to it. I had (and several other ones too) to go back using windows.old feature in order to be able to connect to the Windows 10 VPN integrated server.

I also opened a ticket in Microsoft but no answer till now.

Does anyone know if the new 1809 version fixes the related problem?

Thanks and kind regards


I don’t know officially, but the Windows 10’s VPN server feature seems to be working correctly on version 1809.

In the past, I have issues connecting, but because of the VPN connector not the server. Try setting up a new connection without the username and password, when simply enter this info when prompted to do so.

Here’s a complete guide on how to set up a VPN server on Windows 10.


Thanks, Mauro.

I will test it as soon as 1809 is proposed to be installed as update in my Windows 10 Pro 64 bits desktop.

And will update this topic with results (maybe in 4-5 weeks I believe).