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Hard Drive crash issues in Windows10

HELP! Microsoft EXPERTS!!!

My windows 10 laptop (ASUS) went blue and could not restart it normally.

I was able to get to the DOS command and to get the directory of partition D: that displayed all my folders already saved.

I copied all folders and files to an external drive using the command:

robocopy D:\ F:\copfilesM\ /MIR /E /ZB /R:2 /W:5 /TBD /V /MT:32

The destination external hard drive had a folder (copfilesM) that I chose to copy to.

74Gb of space were used on the destination external HDD during the copy process that took about 5 hours. After the process completed I connected the external drive to another computer having Windows 7 Pro. I opened Windows File Explorer to view the copied filed but they were not showing at all. I could see only the folders I previously had on the external HDD but not the copied files.

Anybody knows what happened and can help please?

Thank you

When using Command Prompt to access Windows 10 files using the Advanced startup can be weird, you should consider to use an Ubuntu Linux live CD to boot your device, and then copy the files to an external driver. Or connect the drive to another computer, and the copy the files.


Thank you so much for your answer. I was able to recover my data totally at the third trial, using DOS commands.
Now the laptop, a 9-moths old ASUS K556U, is not powering up!

Thank you again pureinfotech.

It’s not powering up, then it’s likely a physical issue with the device. It seems you got the data out just in time.