How to add text-to-speech on Office 365 apps


I have an Office 365 subscription on a Win 10 Creators PC. I want to use the text to speech function for a Word or other Office App.

The Microsoft site says to open Customize Quick Access Toolbar; select All Commands, and then choose Speak to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. Here is their link:

However, All Commands does not have a Speak choice in my listing.

Have others had the same problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Here’s one way to get text-to-speech on Word.

  1. Open Word.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Select Quick Access Toolbar.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select All Commands.
  5. Scroll down and select Speak.
  6. On the right side, select For all documents (default).
  7. Click the Add button located in the middle of the settings page.
  8. Click OK.

Now select some text and click the Speak button from the top-left corner.


Hi Mauro,

Thank you for the reply. Your post lists the steps in the in the same manner as Microsofts help page.

Oddly, in my “All Commands” drop down list, there is no “Speak” choice.

My Office 365 Verison is 1706 (Build 8229.2073 Click-to-Run). Office Updates is set to automatic. I clicked on on check for updatess and received a message saying Office is up to date.

Oh well.


PS: Don’t rembember if I let you know, but switching the HDMI cable from the hub to the laptop gave me night light on the second monitor. There is probably a glitch in the hub’s DisplayLink driver. Thank you again.


That’s odd, though, I checked and my version is 1701 for Office 365, and the option is there.


It is odd. I called Microsoft tech support and they had no help for me. (Free call as I have an Office 365 license.) I’d be interested if others have this problem.

There is a workaround by using the Narrator but it is awkward to use and not worth the effort.


Have you tried reinstalling Office on your computer?

Also, what happens if you tried the same steps using another account?

Long shot, but take a look at this Microsoft Office support article, may it’s a problem with Speak engine on your computer.


Reinstalling an application to get the basic functions is a non-starter for me. I would rather go with another program.

Open Office is alive and well on laptop.


Given that I have selected US English at all possible prompts, I doubt that downloading another language would be of use.

Thank you Mauro, for all your advice.


Mauro, perhaps it was in the last slipstream update, I do not know for sure. But “Speak” does show up in the All Commands section of Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Thank you again.


It happens. Thanks for the update.