How to disable Bing Web search on Windows 10 Home


I follow your instructions in your blog post and edited the registry. After checking my work three time I still get Bing web results. The good news is Cortana is gone. . The search bar is gone from the taskbar with the search icon in its place. Is there further tests on this solution to update my registry? Thanks.


Here is a link to Mauro Huculak’s article:


Solved :
This was a very helpful tutorial. I’m old fashion and only use Search for my Local computer. I did more research after applying your registry changes, since I still got Bing web results in my search. You need to correct a typo in Step 10: Name the new key " BingSearchEnabled ". You added “and” by mistake. Everything is set the way I like for my Windows 10 Home version 1803. If I need to search the web I’ll still use Firefox or Microsoft Egde independently from my taskbar icons. Thanks. Regards.


@ken, thank you for catching that mistake.
I already updated the guide with the correct name for the Registry to disable Bing web result in the Windows 10 search feature.