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How to fix error 0xc0000005 and 0x80242016 installing Windows 10 2004

I can’t install the may 2004 update without getting errors 0xc0000005 and error 0x80242016. Can anyone help please.

I am running Windows 10 version 1909, I received an update to v2004 and downloaded and installed. Had problems with it, certain files, could not be deleted some were would not run etc. Contacted Microsoft and the tech said if I had a backup to install it. That was back in June I wonder if all the problems with 2004 have fixed and is it safe to install it?
thanks Allen

If the new version doesn’t fix something specific that you need to do your work or doesn’t include a feature that you required to use your computer, you should wait a little longer since this release has been having a lot of problems.

I’m still running version 1909, and I’m planning to update my machine sometime next year.

You are correct, no sense installing something that might cause more problems, I will wait 6 months to a years as you suggested. thank you very much for you’re input:)

Looks like it`s an error in installer system
If You instaling from disc,thats a problem
If You have only the license key - try to make a disk image from the other version of Windows 10, install, then use your key and update windows