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How to fix print spooler still not working after stop, clear, start on Windows 10

I followed the instructions in the article, " How to fix printer spooler problems on Windows 10" but the issue persists. The file shows in the spooler (print window) as being processed, but never makes it to the printer. I’ve verified printer with another PC - no issue. I’ve re-installed the driver SW and reinstalled the printer FW, but still no prints.

I called the local PC repair place and they guessed at a few things including checkdisk and SFC, but neither made a difference. (also charged me $45 for advice that didn’t work!)

I figured it out: The Brother website indicated that there was a recent Windows update that is causing this problem for certain printers - mine being one of them! I uninstalled per their instructions and rebooted. BOOM! Works. Thank you, Brother!!!

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Windows 10 update KB4567512 fixes the previous update causing the problem too.

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