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How to safely stop CHKDSK on Windows 10


On Windows 10, I started chkdsk using the /r, /f, and /x switches on a drive, but it’s been running for many hours, and now, I want to cancel it.

How do I safely stop CHKDSK?


When using CHKDSK, the check disk feature on Windows 10, there’s no way to stop once it’s started. The safest way to prevent data loss is to wait until it completes on its own.

If you stop or interrupt the process can cause file corruption (data loss).

However, if you’re running CHKDSK without any switches, then it’s possible to restart your computer to terminate the process, because without switches it only runs on read-mode. The problem is that when use switches like /r /f that makes the tool to run on read-write mode.


It’s not recommended, but if you must cancel Chkdsk, you can use the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut to pause the operation and then shut down Windows gracefully using the Power options. However, this is an option that you must do at your own risk.