How to upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise from version 1607 to 1703?


I have windows 10 Enterprise 1607 - I want to upgrade to 1703 - do I just wait for Microsoft to sent it to me, or?? The present Update Assistant does not support Enterprise Win10 nor Server 2016. I have offline people that want to upgrade at home and I have labs I want to test on.


You can wait until Microsoft send it to you, but note that Windows 10 version 1703 is already available for download using MSDN subscription, Volume Licensing Service Center (for Volume License customers), and there is 90-day trial of Windows 10 Enterprise to version 1703. Keep in mind that the trial shouldn’t be install on production machines.

Version 1703 isn’t available via Update Assistant or Media Creation Tool, because it’s a version only available through channels mentioned above.

Also remember that version 1703 is also available through Windows Update, but the rollout is throttled/staggered, which means that not every PC sees it at the same time. It’ll just take time.


Make sure you are using your Windows Live ID as your Windows 10 sign on ID if you are using Office 365. The update kept causing my Office 365 products to become stuck in an endless loop asking for a new product key, with said request failing and causing yet a new request for a new product key. To get Office working, I would revert to a previous build and then my world would become usable again since I use Excel and Outlook heavily for day to day activities. The problem apparently was my using a local account as my Windows 10 sign on account which, during the upgrade process caused user rights issues upgrading files and validating product keys. And yes, my local account was an administrator account. I changed my sign on account to my Windows Live account and all (100%) of the machines that had upgrade issues were able to successfully install the Creator update and maintain my Office 365 functionality. I still prefer a local account but it’s just easier in the long run to surrender to Microsoft and use my Live ID in the interest of smoother upgrades and maintenance of my functionality…