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I continually have to change my Microsoft Account Password

I continually have to change my Microsoft Account Password; and I have no idea why this is happening. I get a warning that there is a problem with my Microsoft Account, and informing me that the account password (that was working fine previously) needs to be changed. So I change it! And then a while or a day to two later the same thing happens.

Can someone on this site suggest to me why this is happening, and how do I fix it? Is there any possibility that the google chrome password function might be somehow interfearing? Please advise!

Also, see the info on my Windows Specifications below:
Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1909
Installed ON: 4/13/2020
OS build: 18363.778

If the problems happens when you login to Windows 10 or just in the browser?
Have you clear the browser cache?

It happens randomly but I’ll try to clear the cache.