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If I use Windows 10's reset feature, will it reinstall drivers automatically?


I have a computer that is having issues and to fix it, I’ll be reinstalling Windows 10, but I don’t know if drivers will reinstall automatically through this process.


During the reset process Windows 10 will reinstall all the device driver that it can detect. After the reset, remaining drivers and other updates will download automatically using Windows Update.

You can always force software and driver updates on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and clicking the Check for updates button.

However, you’ll need to manually reinstall custom drivers or any missing drivers from Windows Update. For example, graphics drivers. Although, the most recent GPU driver available in Windows Update will download and install, it may not be the latest, and it may not include addition tools available from driver provided by the manufacturer.


But for my case Drivers remains installed… only Apps and Documents and settings were removed…


It all depends in the situation and hardware configuration.