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Is Intel Optane meant to replace the hard drive or memory?

I am confused. Is Intel Optane meant to replace the hard drive or the ram?

Intel Optane is a technology that overcomes the limitations of SSD NAND Flash technology using 3D XPoint that offers better performance and storage capacity. It’s meant for storage, but because it’s so fast, it can be used as RAM or long term storage.

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Can I use Intel’s Optane Memory as a replacement for standard DDR4 RAM?

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Abhilash Vana
Abhilash Vana, studied at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (2018)
Answered Jul 1 2017

No, First of, Intel’s Optane memory is non-volatile/retains data, unlike volatile DRAMs. So one cannot completely replace DRAMs ignoring their need in a PC.

In future maybe, when intel will ship versatile optane as a DRAM replacement that could plug into DIMM slots.

Currently, Optane memory is not at all intented (sic) or expected to be a complete replacement for primary memory (DRAM) DDR4/3/2/1 or flash memory.

As of now, Optane memory modules of 16 and 32 Gb are available in the market which are not at all a replacement for the DRAMs but it is meant to work alongside RAM as cache. There are certain requirements to include optane memory modules in your pc :-
Optane will work only with 7th generation kabylake processors.
You need to have an intel Optane Memory-Ready motherboard with intel Z270/B250 chipset.
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Optane memory is intel’s latest attempt on an old idea that is great in theory but has struggled to catch on in practice ie, SSD Caching.

Optane SSD basically works as a cache (bridge) between your Primary memory/ RAM and your secondary storage/HDD.

Improves Booting time: At the time of booting , BIOS loads into the RAM from the HDD to run the OS. The loading is basically a read performed by the RAM. So the read speed of the ram decides the transfer rate. Faster the RAM read speed lesser will be the booting time.

-Better Gaming Experience: Likely, Your Gaming experience will improve immensely due to faster reads on large chunks of data. Powerful gaming visuals and high frames per second.
-Faster Productivity Applications :- Programs that produces Databases, Documents, Graphs, worksheets, presentations etc. Heavy workloads can be managed easily with the faster Optane cache. Which includes Productivity applications, would run faster and much smoother.

DONT lose hope, You might be able to replace your DDR4 with optane memory in foreseeable future. All the best. Retrieved from https://www.quora.com/Can-I-use-Intels-Optane-Memory-as-a-replacement-for-standard-DDR4-RAM on March 24, 2018.