Lost internet connectivity on Windows 10, how do I fix it?


Recently I’ve been receiving a ‘TLS [Transport Layer Security] Handshake Protocol’ message relating to establishing [ resuming? ] a connection. This only occurs occasionally after leaving the Internet Connection on but idle for an hour or so. Internet searching has failed to provide any solution for removing/fixing this message. It’s annoying as I then have to do a restart.

System Info incls: Windows 10 [64 bit], Intel i7, 8.00 RAM on a Toshiba Laptop.



I don’t know how your network is setup or what type of connection you’re using, but you can try resetting your connection to see if that fixes your problem.

Here’s an updated video with the same steps:


Thanks, Mauro, for this info which I’ve now read. I’m still perplexed over the notion of TLS but maybe it’s a normal event and not of any real concern after all. For example, when I started up today, I noticed a ‘performing TLS’ message directed to DuckDuckGo, my homepage, before opening my daily news site, hence the presumed normality on my part.

So many thanks, again.