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Microsoft defender and internet security

is Microsoft defender enough for normal use ? and whats about internet security ?
and how to stop defender from deleting cracked games that not a threat ?

Yes, Microsoft Defender is enough for normal. Your internet browser Edge, or Chrome, or Firefox all offer additional protection.
Now comes the tricky part. You mentioned cracked games, and there are two issues related to those.

  1. Defender (and all other anti-malware/anti-virus programs) allow you to designate specific files or folders to exclude from scanning and removal. The settings for Defender or others may say exclude or “exceptions”.
  2. Visiting websites that allow you download cracks are not really “normal” use. In general, those websites involve extra risk of your computer becoming infected. This is simply because no anti-malware or browser can protect you from every kind of intrusion/infection. Often the crack file itself is OK, but the website sneaks something else in. Sometimes the very fact that you opened a particular webpage, or clicked on “learn more”, or “download file” may be enough to cause a problem after the browser is closed. Tread carefully.
    One method is to use a second computer (which could be any old low-cost, low-spec computer) to attend such websites and downloads. Do NOT link that coputer into your home network (if you have one). Keep it separate. Then you can use good 3rd-party anti-malware scanners such as the free MalwareBytes to scan all downloads before transferring them via a USB flash drive or SD memory card to your main machine. Safety first, know what i mean?
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Yes after a long time of searching i find out that kaspersky security cloud is the best duo with windows defender online database every 4 or 6 hours and i also excluded games file and i stop automatic delete virus i set it manual . as u said of course i know there is no 10/10 antivirus that can stop every type of malware but its all about the user that’s why i have a external drive for important things #Safety_first