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Microsoft should release more stable Windows 10 Insider Preview builds in the Fast ring

I enjoy getting the updates before most people, but I do wish Microsoft would get them right before they release them. The 16226 and 16232 have so many flaws in them. It make you wonder why they released them.

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Same here - I run my tests on hyper-v machines - still a pain, as you have to clean up the left folders which usually run about 6 gig or so… I only make my virtual drive 50 gig, so with all the other stuff I put on them, it could run out of space - I have quite a few virtual machines on a 4 tb drive, so it can get tight in space if I don’t clean up.

I personally liked the 1607 updates over the 1511 (??..forget now), and the same with 1703, spring…but I’m not real happy with the fall insiders yet.

I understand your concern, but that’s the price to pay to get our hands on things Microsoft is working on.

It’s partially user’s fault. Previously, Microsoft used to release more stable builds in the Fast ring, but it would take more weeks, even months, to make available new preview. Users complaint a lot to Microsoft that they wanted builds more often. Then Microsoft said that releasing new builds earlier means more bugs and things not working, and you OK with that? And Insiders said, Sure!

Remember that you can always switch to the Slow ring to be more stable builds.

What I don’t like very much is when sometimes a new version comes releases, and you come across bugs or some features half baked. But again, Windows 10 is offered as a service, which means that you can’t complaint, because “service” means that it’s never considered done.

An interesting definition of service. Not sure I agree with what you are saying, but interesting just the same.