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Microsoft Store download issue on Windows 10

hello guys , i noticed that i cant download apps from microsoft store , others installed apps updated normally but if i try download new app i find this error Code: 0x803FB005
and i try troublshooting microsoft store and reset it from wsrest and sfcscan nothig fix it

That’s actually a common error message. Use these steps to reset the app to see if the problem gets resolved.

i tried both solution nothing fix it the store work fine but cant download any app

Try to use a differ Microsoft account with the Store app, and see what happens. You may also want to using a new Windows 10 account too.

its ok all other app downloading correctly just amd control panel app wont download

If you have this issue another time try these :
update the microsoft store
reset the app that is not working
or reset the microsoft app cache.

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i fix the issue 2 weeks ago thx for reply