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Need bootable Mac OS USB, have Win10 pc and SnowLeopard disk


Pretty much what the title says.

I have a very old Mac Pro (early 2008) here that I’m trying to patch up for selling, I’m not interested in MAC ID stuff. The advice I got was ‘buy a Snow Leopard DVD’ ,thus I went to the apple site store and did that.

The issue here is that the Mac can’t read it, it keeps spitting it out. My educated guess would be that the disk is double layered and the drive has no idea what to do. (yes it works fine, plays music and all that, it’s just old)

Can I make a bootable USB drive in Win10 for this Mac Pro, if so ,how ?


You can use these steps to create a Mac OS USB on Windows 10.


I’m already running into a weird issue here, pop the disk in and see things I would expect, mac OS folders and such (see top image)

Step 6 is where I’m stuck, there is no .dmg file, its now called ‘Boot Camp’, for some reason there is an .exe file and the folders look different too …
(bottom image)

Anyone have any idea on what is going on ?


I think that you’re using the DVD, and you actually need the disk image (DMG file) of Mac OS as stated in the guide.


Perhaps an easier way to deal with problem is to get an external DVD drive that support the disk you have.