Nightmare using the Windows 10 Mail app


I have just had a nightmare with Windows 10 mail app. Pre purchase Dell told me in would enable any or all emails to be saved to ssd drive.
There are some emails I need to download so they can be put on usb for legal evidence. Reality is Mail app would not populate the folders I created. The inbox and sent box were the only reliable folder Drafts appeared but synced only 2 out of 20 msgs. No spam folder and no deleted folder. When deleting emails they came back into the inbox a day later. All the settings are correct. Microsoft tried to help by changing the OS to Creators and fixing the settings. A couple of folders began to appear and then disappeared. Microsoft could not explain it. The suggested there must be a hardware problem . Dell also tried to fix but couldn’t. As the computer did not do what they said it would Dell are giving a refund. But my worry is if this is what do expect from the Mail app on any computer.


How do I find if anybody replied


The Mail app for Windows 10 only download a copy of the emails. If you really need to get to those messages, you can always download them using the web version of your email service.

Alternatively, if the Mail app isn’t working, you can install the Outlook app or another client to get to the emails. However, using the web is the easiest way.


Using web does not fullfil 5he purpose. That is why i asked the question. I need an app whereby i can DOWNLOAD INTO HARD DRIVE. Yahol web does not enable 5hat to be done