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PPTP doesn't work with VPN integrated server in Windows 10 2004 or 20H2 64bits

Hello, there is a long thread in the Microsoft community talking of a similar problem with L2TP, that seems to have been solved, but my problem is with PPTP, as the integrated server doesn’t support L2TP.

With Windows 10 1909 version, everything works OK, I can connect from my laptop Windows 10 2004 updated till 2021-01 to my desktop, VPN server using PPTP.

But as soon as I update the desktop to 2004 or 20H2 and apply the latest updates KB4593438 (2020-12), KB4598242 (2021-01) and KB 4586876 (Net Framework 3.5 and 4.8), it doesn’t work. I initiate VPN connection from the same client (Windows 10 2021-01) to the “new” server and it doesn’t connect, it stays as “connecting to…” and finally error message “Connection interrupted with server… Might be due to Internet Latency or Server maximum capacity reached…”

Then, I restored the server to the previous 1909 version and it works again OK.

I also sent a feedback message using the “Feedback Center”. No answer yet.

I tried all the solutions proposed in the L2TP issue, uninstall and reinstall MiniWAN drivers, deleted and redefined the incoming connection, etc. etc. No way, it doesn’t work.

So, it seems that I will have to stay blocked with version 1909 in my VPN Integrated Server Desktop.

Any idea of help?

Any suggestion of solution will be VERY welcomed.

Thanks and best regards.


I have had the same problem many times after upgrading to a new version of Windows 10. In my experience, sometimes reviewing the settings and making sure everything is checked correctly or redoing the VPN connection resolves the issue. However, other times, nothing work, and I have to use a virtual machine with an older version of Windows 10 to make the connection work.

If you have a device that you rely on, try not to upgrade too quickly. I use the latest version of Windows 10, but on my main PC, I’m still rocking version 1909. If you don’t need the new features, don’t rush to upgrade.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I agree and that is my plan for the time being. Most probably I will wait for the next characteristics update. I already stopped the updating of those updates for 120 days.

It already happened to me three years ago I feel with the 180x update and it was finally solved when a new characteristics update came.

Anyway, I feel this is something Microsoft had to pay attention. I already put a comment/problem in the feedback center, but no answer for time being.


It finally seems to have worked today. I accepted to do the last and most up-to-date characteristics update 2004 and the following one possible updates and my VPN with PPTP seems to work. System version after that is 19041.867.

Hope this helps to others.


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Which VPN service are you using right now? It’s free or paid?

Windows 10 integrated VPN service and, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, after trying again the 2004 update on Feb. 20th. and its possible additional updates, this time it finally works (what it didn’t in all the previous trials I did).


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Is this one free or paid VPN service?

It is a “free” VPN service integrated in the Windows system, provided you have payed the Windows 10 license, of course.

Limit: only a concurrent connection active and only PPTP protocol supported.


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thanks for your reply. Is there any trial period?

As it is something integrated into the Windows system, there is no trial related to the VPN itself, there could be the same trial period as for the Windows Operating System before to activate it with a valid license.

The only important thing is that Microsoft maintains it working when a characteristics update is released. it is the second time it didn’t and only after several months and additional updated were released it worked again.


When I try to create the new doubleword entry in the registry, I get an error: Cannot create value: Error writing to the registry. Does this have to be done when logged on to Windows as an admin user?

After the last Windows updates, I didn’t have to modify the registry for having VPN/PPTP working.


Make sure you have installed the VPN on Windows correctly. If you don’t have a third-party VPN, using the built-in VPN on Windows 10 should somehow give you some level of protection.