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Print Spooler turns off after Nov 2020 Win10 Updates

I am not a “techy” please, keep things simple. Here is the order of thing in terms of priority:

  • November Updates … loss of connection to all printers and other destinations
    Tried the wonderful “work through exercise” from this site finding:
    1-The Print Spooler was not on - was already in STOPPED STATUS
    2 -The Print Spooler folder had nothing in it to clear
    3- The Print Spooler will turn on, then turn itself off in a matter of seconds
    4- Having looked for other help I found I cannot reload printer because spooler does not work
  • October Updates/Patches etch … mouse no longer function properly also affecting newly installed MS office 2019
    1- Blue circles constantly
    2- Mouse lagging or system not responding to clicking
    3- Keyboard, system will not always respond to keyboard

I have had non-stop issues with this years Windows 10 updates and cannot afford a new laptop can anyone help me - first I need the printers back. My life is dependent on my laptop being able to function.