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Shocking Error Uncovered!

In the article “How to enable DNS over HTTPS in Google Chrome” there is an error.

Mauro Huc wrote: " … Domain Name System (DNS) queries to resolve domain names to IP addresses are still being transmitted in plane text…"

The correct word to use here is “plain” not “plane”.

As this is Mauro Huc’s first infraction we are issuing a stern warning. If this happens again, Mr. Mauro Huc will be required to stay after class and write 100 times on the blackboard " I will not confuse readers by describing text as flat and two-dimensional, or having wings.

In anticipation of full compliance we remain

Yours for correct word usage,
The Grammar Police

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10-14, 10-14, This is Central
Move to the article author`s house and make him cry

Excellent suggestion. Will fly there immediately in my new airplain.