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Sysmain high usage windows 10

Hey everyone , sysmain usage isn’t normal i know its good for hdd but its up to 100% usage while im navigate or playing a game which makes fan noise at 60 c , any solution ?

Create a new account on Windows 10 and see if the problem persists.
If the problem is resolved, then it’s probably something wrong with the profile. In this case, transfer your stuff to the new account.

Also, have you recently upgraded to a new version of Windows 10?

Its windows 10 v2004 , i don’t know whats happen but it fixed itself after cleaning registry and scan PC for virus , the results was good .

What did you use to clean the registry?

ccleaner pro ! is that wrong ?

It’s not wrong if you need it and fixed the problem, but usually, you don’t want to use apps that can mess the Registry (specially if the PC is working OK) as it might cause problems.

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Alright i usually use it everyday, ill take ur advice thank.
Can u suggest some software that is friendly with Windows 10 (cleaning+optimization…) ?

Usually, you never want to mess with the Registry. If things are not working correctly, it’s best to backup your data and reset the installation.

Years ago, I used to use CCleaner, but I don’t anymore. Now, I don’t have app to go for optimization, I just try to not to install a lot of things and keep an clean environment. Also, Windows 10 does a great job already freeing up space.

If you want to test or use apps you don’t trust, you should be using a virtual machine.

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i think most of optimization software they just add a bunch of start up programs that slow pc performance more than what should have to do , in my opinion restore point its best solution for now better than reset installation ( more time install + download software +games) and yeah as u said Vr machine best thing to do for test a software .

If restore point works when you need it, then yes, I agreed as the one of the options to restore Windows 10 to its working state.

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I still have the same problem
But on the old pc I just disabled the indexation service in services.msc

i think you can get ride of it by installing every update and run a quick scan for viruses and malwares + disk defragment thats what i do to get a stable sysmain disk usage and it only can trigger at start up to prepare your frequent used app and for caching new ones .