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Welcome to the Pureinfotech Forums

Pureinfotech forums is a community to discuss and get answers to questions about Windows 10, and other tech, including Apple and Android devices.

Here are a few tips before subscribing and posting:

  • When posting use the category that best fits the topic.
  • Make sure to be very descriptive in your topic, give it a short and an accurate title. (Always aim at less than 60 characters.)
  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Please do not spam the forums with your web site links.
  • Do not post affiliate links in posts.
  • Spammers and trouble makers will be banned.
  • Members posting nonsense, false statements, propaganda, or provoking other people repeatedly for no reason will be warned and then banned.

If you have a tough question, make sure your post is very specific, clear, and complete.
Also on any post make sure to include any error messages, system information, and recent software or hardware changes when you’re posting.

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