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What are the disadvantages of using Cracked Windows



As I had discussed my issue that I am not able to activate the Windows 10 on my other laptop though I have a digital license.

I had to change my laptop just because the graphics card of my own laptop was damage due to overheating. And then I was not able to remove the watermark “Activate Windows” on another laptop.

Now, I have to buy a new laptop for my permanent use. In the market, if I get the laptop with the activated (Licensed Windows 10) then I have to pay about $100 extra. But I am so disappointed with my previous purchase so I am not willing to pay the $100 for licensed Windows which I can’t transfer to another laptop in case the previous one has any problem.

I wanted to know what will be the disadvantage of using a version of Windows which is not activated using the license or which is activated by using a crack file?


If you don’t activate your copy, your device will eventually start acting up. You’ll experience random reboots. You won’t have access to all the features, and watermark will stay on the desktop.

If you with use improper license (not recommended), these are the disadvantages:

  • This isn’t a supported option, which means no technical support.
  • It could make your device vulnerable, because a crack or activator may contain keylogger, trojans, and other types of malware and malicious code.
  • You’re not entitled to receive support updates or upgrades. If you try to install updates, may remove the unsupported activation.
  • Using an improper license product goes against Microsoft terms of service.