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Why is Windows 10 laptop gets hot when gaming

I understand that when you play graphics-intensive games on a laptop it may generate a fair amount of heat. My concern is how hot should the cpu get while gaming? Currently, after, say, 45 minutes playing Call of Duty or Forza racing game the cpu is reaching 84 deg. C. My PC with Intel Core i5 and discreet graphics card never goes above 62 C.
So, is 84 C. to be expected, or is it too hot for a laptop cpu?

A lot of things can be going here, for instance, the cooling vents may be clogged with dust making gaming heat up the device quickly. The game received an update that uses more system resources, there could be a bug in the game, or the game doesn’t play well with the version of Windows 10, driver, etc.

You can check Task Manager to see if a process is using most of the CPU and GPU resources to have a better understanding of the situation.

You can also try removing and reinstalling the game to see if it makes any difference. And even a clean installation of Windows 10 may be able to help to reduce the heat.

Hello. So we have the obligation to assign a drive letter ?

Hey. I have a WIN 10 PC Gaming and I don’t have any issue while playing games.