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Wi-Fi is disabled for 5 days on Windows 10 build 16215

i have a HP 15 ac132ne laptop running windows 10 home single build 16215

I am faving problem of wifi disability for 5 days
I am gone around so many websites and youtube channels but nothing helped

Things i have tried;

  1. tried enabling it from adapter setting , not worked
  2. tried disabling and then enabling wifi adapter driver from device manager, not worked
  3. tried installing new drivers from HP support, not worked

please help!!!

Remember that running a pre-release version of Windows 10 on your main is not recommended. You should always test Insider builds on a virtual machine or spare computer.

Having say that, have you tried resetting the network adapter on Windows 10?

If those steps don’t resolve your issue and assuming there is not another network problem, it’s likely that there is a problem with Windows 10 or HP haven’t yet updated its driver to work with the Fall Creators Update coming later this year.

But i didn’t face that problem immediately i updated to new build, I faced that problem while I was using Zapya application ( File sharing tool)

And yes i have tried resetting network adapter

And how can i solve , if the problem is with my windows??

Have you tried uninstalling Zapya to see if that solves the issue?

I uninstalled it in anger immediately after that problem occurred

Buddy, please help me, please

I posted the same problem 4 days ago on Microsoft community but i don’t know why they blocked my account

Create another Windows 10 account on your computer and see if you’re still having the same issue in the new account.

Will it solve the wifi problem, or its for my community account

I’m talking about creating a new account on your computer to resolve your issue. If a new account fixes the Wi-Fi issue, then it’s something on your local computer account.

Not worked either , i could not dign out my Microsoft account from windows

Should i try going back to previous build, will it help

I tried resetting my pc but there us some error called Microsoft c++ runtime error, how to solve that

You’re not supplying enough information for an answer there are many factors, situations, and solutions for your problem.

You need to be more specific. For example, specific error, applications you have installed, and the steps you followed that got you the error.

Any way it sounds that you have a few things not working correctly with a non-supported version of Windows. You’ll be better off trying to update to build 16226 or install a supported version of Windows 10 (15063).

new build solved my problem , Thanks for helping, You r doing a great job buddy

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