Windows 10 15063.540 can't find new update to 15063.608


Windows 10 15063.540 can’t find new update to 15063.608. I downloaded update manual but it shows that this update has no use to this system.

maybe any advice ?



You can try using the troubleshooter to fix Windows Update.

Also, if you’re trying to update manually, make sure to download the correct version for your system 32-bit or 64-bit. You can find ound on Settings > System > About.


I did the both above im the first steps. Nothings helps and still the same. This is my 3 rd machine but 1 st and 2 nd updates no problem . This looks for updates but no finding .


first time I see something like this.


That is weird.

Have you try using Disk Cleanup to delete temp update files? If you didn’t, do it.
Then try to download the delta version of the KB4038788 update for Windows 10 and try it to install manually.

No quite sure if it will help, but you can also try to install the update while in Safe Mode.


nothings helpt, I had to do normaly upgrade by Windows media tool. After this works OK. I don’t know what happend like some crash in system.