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Windows 10 action center problem with version 1903

can i solve this problem “action center won’t open” by installing windows 10 iso may update with option keep files and app ? i also post a log file in eventviewer

My recommendation would be backing up your data, and then do a clean install of Windows 10 May 2019 Update using the ISO file.

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yesterday i tried to upgrade again same windows version using iso file its take a while after 3 h of update and installation until 100% and a message pop up “windows failed installation” but nothing fix the problem and nothing damage my pc , im avoiding clean install because I’ve install app around 200 gb again and i cant do this with freaking wifi XD

The update may just not be fully ready yet because of driver or app in your system. Seeing that you keep stumble getting it to work, it’s better to rollback to previous version (if option available), and wait a little longer.

no option to rollback , im gonna wait until next quality update , did u know next update date release ?

Probably, it’ll be towards the end of the month, or the second Tuesday of July.

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thanks for the reply <3

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