Windows 10 apps open in split screen only


I’m running Windows 10 1803 in tablet mode. New apps are opening in split screen only. I would like to have them open in full screen. I’ve gone to multitasking and turned off snap. Still opening in split screen. Do you know how to turn off split screen when opening programs?


Are you talking about the Microsoft News app only or all apps?
Is the device using the native screen resolution?
Does this happens if you reinstall the app?
Try using the pull down gesture, move the app to middle of the screen, and release. This should make the app full screen.

PS: I’m just tried tablet mode on my device, and everything is working as it should.


It happens when using another program in full screen, via a link, to open a file using another program, such as Xodo to read PDF file.
The original program moves left to split screen and the new will load right in split screen. Wanting the new program to open in full screen on top. Was the normal before installing 1803


To narrow down the problem, create a new user account, and check if you still having the same problem. If you don’t, you may need to move to the new account.