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Windows 10 “CD REGBACK” Stuck in automatic repair loop


i continue even ALL DIGITS ARE 0. Now im stuck in AUTOMATIC REPAIR LOOP. Is there a way to reverse it? Or to solve it?? I need help!!!


If you’re referring to this guide. You should be able to boot your computer using a Windows 10 bootable drive. Open Command Prompt, and copy the backup files from the configBak folder to the config folder.

This won’t fix your original problem, but it will rollback the changes you made.


Thanks for the reply sir. Can you give me an step by step instruction how to do it? Open command prompt,then what should i do next?


So this Automatic repair loop cannot be fix? Even if i restore the old regback?


These steps should help to revert the changes, but use the instructions at your own risk:

  1. Start your computer with the Advanced startup options.

  2. Click on Troubleshoot .

  3. Click on Advanced options .

  4. Click on Command Prompt .

  5. When your device starts in Command Prompt, it’ll start on X:\Windows\System32 . Now you need to move to the drive letter where Windows is installed. While the operating system is installed on C:\ , when you boot your computer on recovery mode, this drive letter changes to something else. However, in most cases the drive letter is D:\ . Type the following command to enter into the correct drive where Windows is installed and press Enter :


  6. Type the following command to enter into the System32 folder and press Enter :

    cd d:\windows\system32

  7. Type the following command to rename and backup the config folder, and press Enter :

    ren config configBak2

  8. Type the following command to rename the configBak , which contains a previous copy of the Registry, and press Enter :

    ren configBak config

  9. Restart your computer.

If these steps doesn’t work, you’ll need to recover your system using a previous backup as suggested in the original guide.


i tried this step sir.mauro but it couldn’t fix the problem. My only option is to reset this PC. But i cant reset.

how can i reset this pc?? I


At this point, your best option is to perform a clean installation of Windows 10.