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Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 'some settings are hidden or managed by your corporation' message


I’ve updated Windows 10 to version 1703. Settings shows message “some settings are hidden or managed by your corporation” and some Settings are grayed out.

My wife & I are retired & our computers are for home use. Can’t find a solution to resolve this problem. Could be a bug in 1703. Please help. Thank you.


There are many things can cause this issue, which means that there could be more than one solution.

Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Create a new Windows 10 account and see if you’re still having issues. If you don’t, perhaps moving to the new account is the solution.

  2. It could also be an advanced settings you configured and forgot, or the setting got configured incorrectly during the upgrade. One thing you can try is opening the Local Group Policy Editor > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > All Settings, then sort settings by “State” and make sure all the settings are set to “Not configured”. If one of them is configured, set it to Not configured, and the reboot your computer.
    Do the same with User Configuration > Administrative Templates > All Settings.

  3. It’s been suggested that setting the DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures registry DWORD key to 1 in HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CloudContent may fix the problem. Be super careful editing the Registry as it can cause big issues on your PC, use this at your own risk.

  4. This could also be caused by a problem in the privacy settings. You can try going to Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics, and under Diagnostics and usage data set it to highest level, or lowest depending on your current settings and then reboot.

  5. If nothing works, you may need to do a clean install of Windows 10.


I also wanted to add that sometimes this message Some settings are managed by your organization message may go away by itself after some time.

I happened to make some changes in my configuration that caused the Settings app to display the message, after undoing the changes, the messages stayed even after restarting the PC, but after a while the message disappeared.


No idea why but the same thing just happened to me- the message is gone. And there weren’t any updates for at least the last week. Just in case for futures I changed Current Branch for Business to Current Branch. Just wanted to give you some feedback.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, things like this can happen out of the blue, but eventually they solve them out by its own. I use the Current Branch for Business too, it’s a good idea and may help.


If you didn’t change any of the Windows 10 settings using the Registry or Group Policy, and you’re seeing the “some settings are hidden or managed by your corporation” after installing a feature update or quality update, give it some time and the message will go away by itself.