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Windows 10 Fresh - Keeps loading then Leads to an Error

I am looking for a solution for Windows 10. I am trying to install win 10 on my laptop (Latest version downloaded from MS server using media tool) after the installation completes it automatically restarts and the windows says “Getting Ready” and then it keeps on loading and after some time an error appears that "Windows could not complete the installation. To install the windows on this computer, restart the installation."

Looking for your guidance on that how to resolve this problem.

You’re not saying if this is an upgrade or clean install, so I’ll assume it’s an upgrade.

It’s quite possible that a driver or third-party software (such as video driver or antivirus) previously installed on your computer is conflicting with the installation. The solution is to identify and remove incompatible drivers or software and try to upgrade again. Or use a clean installation of Windows 10 (recommended).

You can follow this guide to solve the looping problem.