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Windows 10 license activation problem


On my personal laptop, I had a Windows 10 digital license which was with my Microsoft account. When I reinstall the Windows 10 on my system it automatically activates my Windows 10.

But due to the graphics card problem on my laptop, I installed the Windows on another laptop and provided my Microsoft account, but it doesn’t activate my windows. I have “Activate Windows” watermark on my desktop.

How can I remove that watermark? Remember, I have a digital license with my Microsoft account.


The Microsoft account doesn’t matter. If it’s an “OEM” Windows 10 license (one that came with your device), then you can’t transfer the license to another device.

If you purchased a full “Retail” version of Windows 10, then you may entitled to transfer the license to another device. However, the Microsoft account never reactivates another device. If you’re having problems re-activating, you can use the Activation troubleshooter in the Activation settings page.

If the tool doesn’t work, and you have a license that can be transferred to another device, you need to call Microsoft support, explain the situation, and they should help you to activate your computer.


Thank you for the guide.

I had Windows 7 that came with my device. Then there was an offer for Windows7 registered users that they can buy Windows 8 license in $48… I bought my license at that time in $48 for Windows 8. Then Windows 8 updated to Windows 10 for Free…

Now I am not sure if it is transferable to other device or not.

How can I check that I can transfer my Windows license?


It’s not transferable under the Microsoft rules, because the original license came with your computer, which makes it an OEM license.

If you would have originally purchased the Windows 7 license, then you would have been able to transfer it to another PC.

Although, it may not work, you could try going to Settings > Update & Security > Activation, and use the activation troubleshooter to see if you can activate the new computer.


Well, I am not sure about the status of the Windows 7. When I bought the laptop, its price was almost 700$ (at that time) and it has licensed windows. The retailer told me that if I don’t want to get the licensed video I can get the same laptop in $620.

So, in a way, I already paid 80$ for windows 7, but I did’t purchased that from Microsoft directly.


What in this case? Is there any way I can contact Microsoft to ask them directly?

If yes, can you please provide me the link from where I can contact them? Email or contact form?


If you have access to Windows 10, you can use the Get Help app from Start menu to contact the company. However, you can find all the number depending your location here.


Okay… Thank you. I will try using the help app.


I have contacted the Microsoft team and they told me that unfortunately, my license is not transferable. Though I have paid about 140$ in total for the Windows 10 license, but unfortunately I can 't use the activated windows on my new Laptop. That is so disappointing. :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyhow, thanks for your help.