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Windows 10 never hibernate?

My notebook, Lenovo IdeaPad 330 Windows 10, does not go into hibernate neither by closing the lid nor by clicking WindowsLogo/Power/Hibernate manually.

The screen goes to blank but lights (the case and keyborads) stays on, fans keeps working and stays working in that position forever. Besides, I see it hot because it keeps running. When I click a key, it comes back to standard welcome password screen of Windows.

I have tried all things found in Googling but the problem persists.

I can see that “Choose what closing the lid does” is Hibernate selected.
I can see that, hibernate option is available in WindowsLogo/Power list item (Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart).

I have tried to fix the issue by using “UpdateSeurity/TroubleShoot/Power” in Windows built_in app, didn’t work.
I have also restored power plan setings to default, didn’t work
I have created a new power plan and set it active, didn’t work
I have checked powercfg -devicequery wake_armed, it says NONE
I have disabled “FAST startup option” in power plan, didn’t work
I have disabled/enabled hibernate mode by powercfg -H off and on, didn’t work.
Hiberfill.sys file is exist in C:
I have check the registry entry of hibernate enabled and it is “1” as it is should be.
I have also tried SFC /scannow to fix any corrupted system files if exist, din’t work
I have also checked if my drivers is ok and lenovo utility says I am up to date.
I have also checked Windows Update and Windows update says I am up to date.

I am stuck now need help please. I can shutdown the notebook but starting the Windows again takes 5-6 minutes.

Thanks in advance

The problem SOLVED after a long long 2 steps challange.

Step 1: I have used “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” at elevated command prompt
Step 2: I have used “SFC/Scannow” at elevated command prompt.

And now, my notebook goes to hibernate when I close the lid or when I click windowsLogo/Power/Hibernate.

Hi, thanks for sharing the solution it can help.