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Windows 10 Regback not working because storage is full


I have a huge problem with my laptop. I can basically not start it again and my storage in my c drive is full. I read the guide (link below) and it helped me a lot, but in that guide there is this screenshot with the files SYSTEM, SAM, SOFTWARE, etc. which are not supposed to show 0, but the numbers that are in the screenshot. Well in my case, they all show 0 and the guide does not provide any information about what to do in this case. The computer always says that my storage is full. That’s why I’m asking for help here:
Is there any way to make my laptop start without losing all my personal files and documents? Maybe by moving the regback file to the d drive or by deleting files in the c drive?
I appreciate any kind of help.

Here’s the link from the guide I was talking about:

If you carefully read the guide, at the beginning, in the “Important” message, you’ll learn why the folders show up as 0 and the link to enable the feature. However, if the folders show up as 0, then you can’t use the guide, and you likely need another workaround to backup your data and then use a clean installation of Windows 10 to fix the problem.