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Windows 10 update dismantles address book TO: in Eudora

For the many of us still using Eudora for email, we are finding that the latest Windows 10 update and Windows Creator prevent use of emailing from Eudora’s address book - the TO:, CC: and BCC: no longer work.

Since I’ve been using Eudora for work for 20 years and have many hundreds of business email addresses stored there, I’m not about to change email programs. But it’s a nuisance to have to copy and paste addresses, and with groups, to insert the commas between email addresses which disappear when doing copy and paste.

Does anyone know how to get rid of whatever feature in the Windows Creator or the update is messing up Eudora? Many Windows 10 people on the Eudora list who also have Windows Creator installed are complaining about this same issue.


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While I do get your point, usually, these problems happen when the app developers don’t keep up with updates. Like any other operating system, Windows 10 needs to evolve and for that to happen things need to change and feature needs to be deprecated (for security reasons, because the technology is old, or it’s no longer effective), which may cause some outdated apps to spot working correctly.

You can use these steps to uninstall the Windows 10 Creators Update from your computer. However, you only have 10 days after installing the update to remove. Otherwise, the files to bring your system back to previous update will be automatically deleted, and you’ll need to reinstall a previous version manually if you want to go back.

Have you tried reinstalling Eudora to see if that fixes the problem?

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