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Windows 10 version 1809 can't detect second monitor


Hi, I’ve updated to Win 10, 1809 build last week (I am cautious by nature). Build 1803 had no problem with my 2nd monitor, which I will admit is more than a few years old. When I use the 1809 trouble shoot app, it tells me I have the latest PlugNPlay driver. It is dated 2016.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get 1809 to recognize the 2nd monitor?

Thank you and regards,


Try these troubleshooting steps.

Display detection:

Settings > System > Display, and clicking the Detect button.

While in the Display settings, make sure under “Multiple displays” that you’re not using the Disconnect this display option.

Reload drivers:

Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B keyboard shortcut to reload the graphics drivers.

Check physical connection:

Unplug the video and power cable from the monitor. Wait one minute. Reconnect the cables.

Try connecting the monitor to another port. If possible, try to connect the monitor to another computer to find out if it’s a problem with monitor or your PC.

Update graphics driver.

It’s possible that you’re seeing a driver issue. If this is case, uninstall the video driver, restart your computer, and reinstall the driver again (Windows 10 should do this automatically).

If possible, download and install the most up-to-date drivers from your manufacturer’s support website.


If you’re still having problems, you may need to rollback to the previous version of Windows 10.