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Windows 10 VPN server isn't working

I’m using built-in VPN (PPTP) but I can’t get it to work. I have tested the following configurations : Windows 7 client and Windows 7 server works, Windows 10 client and Windows 7 server works, but Windows 10 on both client and server doesn’t work. I can ping the server from the client and I deactivated firewalls on both PC:s. Both PC:s are tested for operating system errors. On the Win7 server I can see PPP connection RAS (Dial-in) interface using ipconfig/all but not on the Win10 server. Under network connections I only have ethernet but on the Win7 server I can see a RAS connection. I have no problem with internet. Routing and remote access is enabled. I am getting an icon : Incoming connections -no clients connected. I have followed the VPN Howto on the Pureinfotech site. I’m using Win10 Pro 1909. I’m getting no errors on the server but on the client it says it can’t connect which is not surprising when RAS is not working on the server.

Sometimes, I can’t connect to the VPN server from Windows 10, and most of the time is one of the settings within the properties of the Windows 10 client VPN adapter.

Issues with VPN on Windows 10 are not uncommon, as such make sure in the VPN virtual adapter in Control Panel, you’re using the correct destination IP, and play around with the security settings within the properties of the adapter. Also, try to disable IPv6 in the client and server to see if it works.

I have disabled Ipv6. I don’t think the Win10 client is to blame since I can connect to a Win7 server. Can someone please tell me if they can see on their Win10 server what I see on the Win7 server but not on the Win10 server.

If I run netstat -r I see an entry for RAS (Dial In) interface on the Win7 server but it is missing on the Win10 server. What does this mean?

You’re not alone with this problem, I currently have two Windows 10 devices, one woks and the other one doesn’t.

I still think that you may have some protocol or another configuration issue.

You should also try deleting the connection and starting over with the Windows 10 client.

Also, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling all the WAN Multipoints and network adapters using device manager.

Have you resolved the VPN problem?

No, I have not. Why don’t I see a running RAS client or a WAn miniport(PPTP) when I have configured the server?

I’m not sure about your configuration, but I’m going to say that setting up a VPN server on Windows 10 is not a flawless process. I know it took some time to reply, but after a number of issues, I got it to work. The only things that I did differently that might help you were disable IPV6 on the network adapter, and then I tested the connection add a new VPN connection using the Settings app settings (without changing any Control Panel settings on the client computer).

My VPN server was set up on a device running the latest preview for Windows 10 version 2004 and the client computer is running Windows 10 version 1909.