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Windows 10 with Zebra Ticket Printer issues

Hi There community!
I have ongoing issues with Windows 10 keeping the settings of my Zebra Ticket Printer LP2844.
It seems each evening Windows 10 deletes or changes the spooler settings for this printer only. I have 2 other printers with no issue.
I have had my IT look at this and they cannot resolve. Each time I fix the issue by running the printer Troublehoot, cycle the printer on and off then run the troubleshoot again only then will my tickets print.
I have recently upgraded to windows 10, on windows 7 this was never an issue.
Any Ideas or Tips would be appreciated!

  1. Check Zebra Ticket Printer website support / download page for possible updated printer firmware, or updated drivers and download them if available.
  2. Uninstall the printer and any related software from your computer.
  3. Restart the computer. After starting wait a minute or two to see if Windows 10 automatically installs the printer. If not, then click on Start, type Devices and Printers, hit Enter, then Add Printer. Follow instructions.
    4.If step 3 doesn’t work then install any available updated drivers, software, and/or firmware.
  4. If updated stuff wasn’t available then do a fresh install of the original driver/software.
  5. If all steps fail then either contact Zebra directly for help or consider replacing the printer.