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WindowsHello face recognition not working after update 20H2

I bought a Kaysuda camera from Amazon boasting Window s Hello which would not work so I sent it back. I then bought a AWOW from Amazon which also boasted Windows Hello compatablity but it turned out to be an unbadged version of the Kaysuda and that didn’t work either so it also went back .
I then lashed out on a Brio which was three times the price but still doesn’t work.
Logitech say that it is a problem with Microsoft and it only seems to have been a problem since Windows 20 H2 update. It appears from the net that this is a widespread problem . Is anyone aware of any proposed update to fix this

I personally don’t have a Brio camera, but if the problem is with version 20H2, you can easily try to uninstall the update to see if that fixes the issue. If that’s the problem, perhaps you want to stay in an earlier version until the problem gets fixed. It’s usually no recommended to jump to a new version as soon as it comes out. For example, while I have a machine with version 20H2, my work machine still on version 1909.

You can use this guide reference to uninstall Windows 10 20H2.

Thanks for the reply

I have 2 problems

  1. I bought the Brio after the update so I cannot be sure this is the problem. See

Windows 20H2 update seems to have broken Windows Hello Face - Microsoft Community

  1. As my C drive is tight for space I run Windows update Clean up. Would this prevent me uninstalling